//Action Day Recap: True Serenity

Back Raised Bed (1)This month’s action day was an incredible success for the Orlando Permaculture community. We are grateful for True Serenity’s owner Tara Chiavetta who willingly opened her doors to our group. With the help of Orlando’s finest humans we were able to collaborate with one another and turned a bare canvas into a beautiful array of herbs and edible plants.DSC_0173



Organizing March’s action day was a bit different from others. In the past, we have helped members of Orlando Permaculture who were in need of assistance implementing a permaculture design at their home. However, this time around we had the opportunity to help True Serenity bring their vision to life! After sitting down with Tara and one of Orlando Permaculture’s members, Vanessa Lee, we created a design and worked together to make sure this beautiful herb garden became a community asset. DSC_0154

Of course no Action Day can be complete without the help from its dedicated organizers and veterans. A number of plant donations were made, input was given for the garden design, and a great friend dedicated his time and vehicle in a brave attempt to collect compost for this project. There will always be unforeseen incidents and obstacles, but coming together as a community to ensure the completion of a project will always be the driving force of Orlando Permaculture.

DSC_0189 (1)

However all the credit for March’s action day does not solely lie in the True Serenity Project. In St. Cloud, Orlando Permaculture members organized themselves at the Peghorn Garden Homestead Picnic to spread the permaculture love. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work at both locations in one day! The amazing momentum that this group has been experiencing since the beginning of the year, continues to make a ripple throughout the community. It goes to show what a group of friends can do when a collective hope is set and action is taken. We benefit as a whole. Gaining more from these experiences than we put out, creating a moment in history that we will always remember as the initial steps we took as a group. Nothing can compare to all the smiling faces you see when we come together and for that we are forever grateful for all the new friends and opportunities that Orlando Permaculture has received. 


Thanks for reading and see you at the next Action Day!
-Justin J. Marcano

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Justin is one of the executive directors of Orlando Permaculture. He is a 2 year member of the Peanut Butter Palace Cooperative and has avid interest in food forestry, medicine, and community initiatives.

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